Invert Radio Buttons and Checkboxes black and white colours

I’m designing a desktop app (Win and Mac) and I want the interface to have cool dark navy blue look but when I do that the controls are unreadable and unusable.
I think being able to invert black and white colours for Radio Buttons, Checkboxes etc. is essential and a must have.
I’m not talking about colouring or anything fancy, complicated, just a basic Boolean property like: RectControl.InvertColors or whatever.
Anyone knows of a way I can achieve this Today without starting to build controls from scratch or resort to third party plug-ins ?

In Windows, it would be easier to do this by building your own control as that is almost what you have to do anyway.

Just as i thought, amazing how simple this should be to create interfaces in any color without this kind of silly limitations…
That means, out of the box Xojo can only create light color windows if you use even a single RectControl, Wow major downfall here as I was hoping for a fast IDE workflow in that (small) regard:(