Invalid Bundle Upload Problem

Good afternoon.

After building the app for the store and uploading it I get an email with an error message:

 A nested bundle doesn't have the right platforms listed in CFBundleSupportedPlatforms Info.plist key.

I have examined the info.plist file. It contains the item I have added, but this refers to something generated by the build process. Anyone have any clues?


its pointing out that one of the nested bundles in your app doesn’t
not your main plist

but its hard to know which those might be

I have an info.plist item that I added, and it shows up correctly (as far as I can tell) in the main plist. Where else would a plist come from?

frameworks included might have a plist in them
you’d have to look in them

do you have copy file steps ?
maybe one of those adds a framework that has a plist ?

I’m guessing since I cant look at the structure of what get created / compiled


That’s a good hint. I’ll do some fishing around.


I’m not saying anything the email message didn’t already