Introspection Newbee question

I have a class with a number of properties.

I wish to dump the names and values of those properties ( to console print) (strings and integers only) to


mydump=mydump+nameofpropoerty(i)+" - "valueofproperty(i)+endofline

How do I get a list of properties in a class?

If I use introspection to pull the values, they come back as type Variant(?) sot i can simply call str(valueofproperty(i)) to get it as a string?

Or am I way far afield here?

Variant has a StringValue property, but be careful. If the variant holds an object, you will get an exception.

Thanks Kem: That solves the second part

How do I get a list of properties in a class?

Look at:

Specifically, examine PropertyInfo. Some simple code:

dim ti as Introspection.TypeInfo = Introspection.GetType( MemberOfMyClass )
dim props() as Introspection.PropertyInfo = ti.GetProperties

for each prop as Introspection.PropertyInfo in props
  dim name as string = prop.Name
  dim value as variant = prop.Value( MemberOfMyClass )