"Introduction to Programming" text book question

I’m working through the very helpful Introduction To Programming text book 2014 edition. I find that one portion of code isn’t working for me, found on page 237:

Dim i, fontListCount As Integer
ColorButton.FillColor = Me.SelTextColor
BoldButton.Value = Me.SelBold
ItalicButton.Value = Me.SelItalic
UnderlineButton.Value = Me.SelUnderline
FontSizeField.Text = Str(Me.SelTextSize)
fontListCount = FontMenu.ListCount - 1
For i = 0 To fontListCount
    If Me.SelTextFont = FontMenu.List(i) Then
        FontMenu.ListIndex = i
End If

The part that fails to perform properly involves the FontMenu object, which starts on line 7. FontMenu is a Popup Menu that lets the user pick a font for selected text in a text area named EditingField. The above code is assigned to the SelChange event for EditingField. After compiling, I find that that moving the cursor around the EditingField contents fails to update the value seen in the fully populated FontMenu object.

The example is working for me in my testing. Make sure you select a font before you start typing, though. (Or change the FontMenu.Open event handler to select a specific font for you so it doesn’t start off blank).

That was it, Paul. Started typing without a font selected.