Intro of KeyValue in Valentina DB. NoSQL in SQL.

Hi Xojo Developers,

We going to introduce in the nearest time a new big addition in Valentina DB v7.0 – support of KeyValue store.

We have not just add a KeyValue store and API for it.
We have invent some new things around this, which can be useful in your App/Web development.

We introducing a new way:

  • Relational model and KeyValue model can work together in the same DB.
  • Developer self can choose balance between them.

I would like to inform you about this upcoming feature, and invite to discuss it on our forum. We understand that a lots of ideas can be around this.

Details you can read in this article:

Interesting. Will have a look as soon as a beta is available. How fast is the searching?

First benches was on Macbook Pro i7, SSD,

  • SET 10M pairs - 30 sec
  • GET 10 millions searches - i.e. each key, 33 seconds. FORTH and BACK, but there was no yet random key bench.

Time is near to the same for values 10 - 1000 bytes length.

This is without any optimizations yet from our side. Simplest implementation based on existed VDB features.

Future, we will be able to do many different optimizations.
For now we consider this as quite good performance for APPs, and even VSERVER.

The main task now is to get all things integrated and consistent.
We think we have found beauty way how KeyVaule can be a helper-tool in Object-Relational VDB Model.