InternetHeaders in an HTMLview control

Is there a way to get the internet headers from an HTMLview control? As far as I can see there are no properties or methods that can do the trick.

I need to embed an HTML document as part of an API I am working with. When I do my interaction on that particular website, I need to get some data that is returned to me. That data supposedly is stuffed in the Header section.

I have give the solutions in the previous thread in my first post for the youtube api?

[code]// Get authorize

// Set up the socket
// “mySocket” should be a property stored elsewhere so it will not go out of scope
mySocket = new Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket
mySocket.RequestHeader(“Cookie”) = “csrf_token=AQD-L78zfe-F7I5bME0OiO0iQ1yxx5Y4RDZZZ3unafRSBhNhFSP_jOu7UuC4oPhKAo44g2nbzR0G”

// Set the URL
dim url as Text = “

// Send Synchronous Request
Give me some time i will try to make example for paw

You can do that with JavaScript getAllResponseHeader. See XML DOM - HttpRequest object

Simple example with htmlview.

[quote=264804:@Loannis Kolliageorgas]Simple example with htmlview.