Internet speeds

I live in Auckland NZ and have recently upgraded to vDSL from aDSL. My connection speed is 10/40 (Mb up/down). On aDSL it was 600k/7M.

What speeds do you get in your location?

I have 150/15Mbit (down/up) here.

I get 7/7 at home. At my office, onle 1 mile away, I get about 500k up, 5 down. I can paby a LOT more and get increased speed, but it is a lt more at work.

1.5 down, way less up. 10 km to the next city feels like living in the hinterlands. UMTS is available but I don’t trust Deutsche Telecom not to botch the change.

10/10 Mbit at home. ~90/10 Mbit at the office (if I remember correctly) :slight_smile:

60/5 (down/up)

91 down - 11.5 up

75 down / 6 up at work. At home 50 down / 4 up

40Mbit down - 4Mbit up

100Mbit down - 10Mbit up at home.

60 Mbit down, 6 Mbit up at home.

According to the online speed test at

Download: 7.91 Mbit
Upload: 0.80 Mbit

Man, do I envy those with 3 digit Mbit download speeds.

The first time ever I browsed the Internet back in the day was on a 2400 baud modem. That is equivalent to a download speed of 0.0012Mbit in today’s measurements. Took about 40 minutes to download a single 90KB JPG image from a bulletin board system (BBS) across the phone line.

I have a connection over cable tv. In the early morning hours throughput is 150Mb/s down and 10 Mb/s up. Right now (early afternoon) it is about 100 down and still 10 up (location: Switzerland, up on a hill over lake Geneva, at the outskirts of the village, on countryside). In the evening hours it is still going down to about half of that rate, but upload remains stable.

On my mobile (4G) I recently measured an upload rate of more than 20 Mb/s (in Basel, Switzerland).

My first modem for the Internet was 9600 baud if I remember correctly. Before that my first modem was half-duplex at 1200/75 baud. This was used for Minitel type services ( After that and before the Internet I used Compuserve as my home base.

The thought of watching videos across the web in those days probably sounded absurd.

300 baud bbs access. Downloading sometimes was an overnight ordeal.

I won’t complain either about the “Good old days” of Compuserve and Isdn lines.

As soon as you are above 8/900 you can watch TV news with no buffering “cuts”

  • Selected speedtest server was Comcast in Atlanta since most of my websurf/download is done with US based website.
    (It’s generaly 1/3 worth when selecting a European server, Ozzie one or some Tibetan “netspeed” server…)
    That is what you can get when you work from Sta Cruz City, Bolivia.
    *5MB speed plans are available now…hey that’s not so bad for South Am. :slight_smile:

ADSL land lines
So I would sugest to use Speednet to pick up the server’s “host place” or highway you (or your web visitors) would be using, when possible.

25 Mb/sec down 5 Mb/sec up

150 mb/15mb on cable