Internet Speedcheck

Is it possible to make a Speedcheck Web App with Xojo?

I think of an App which is creating 2 FolderItems in memory.
One FolderItem is for downloading a 10MB file from a Server and the second FolderItem is a 2.5MB File to upload to a Server.
Up- and Download speed should be measured with +/-10kb precision if possible.

Did anyone ever tried and does anyone have code snippets to share, please?

I don’t think it’s possible to do with precision. I find uploading and downloading files to be slower than a fast internet connection. That’s just a single user too. You might be able to make it work for slower speed connections, but I don’t think the web app framework is setup to handle this sort of functionality.

For desktop I have created an app (using speedtest-cli)


Thank you @Axel Schneider for sharing this with us. Looks really nice btw! :slight_smile: