Internet Explorer Blocking Downloads

I’ve deployed an application to production today and didn’t have this issue in development, but… Anyway, a few users are reporting that they can not download files from the new app. They are running Internet Explorer and it states “Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to my computer.”

Doing research on this, I found which basically says the file will be blocked if the download was triggered via JavaScript and that I should make a link directly to the file.

Is that even possible? My current download handling takes place in a Double Click event of a ListBox, which in turn creates a new WebFile, and calls ShowURL(file.URL).

Is the only way to make this work move away from a ListBox (ug!) and construct a WebFile for each link I present?

WebListBoxTD in Web Custom Controls will let you place HTML including a real link in each cell. This would require creating a WebFile for each link unless you serve the data via HandleSpecialURL. In that case you could still generate the data as needed.

Another option would be to keep your current system but display a WebDialog with a WebLink when the user double clicks a cell. You could create your WebFile and setup your WebLink before displaying the dialog. If you’re confident this is only a security issue on IE you could limit dialog use to IE. (What you’re doing now sounds like it could run afoul of other browsers depending on settings/plugins. But I admit I haven’t tested it.)

User can still download it by clicking information bar correct? Then I’d just advise them to do that or maybe provide a helpful graphic for the IE users indicating what will happen.