Internal Server Error

Good morning.

Deployed a new version (luckily just to our test site) yesterday and am getting an Internal Server Error. All other apps work on the test site. App works when I test locally.

Anyone have any clues?

Thank you.

Check your server’s error log.
You’ve given us nothing to work with.

Sorry. Looked in log (I think I looked in the right place). Nothing obvious.

I waited until after hours and rebooted server. App came up.

This means most likely the old version was still running. See:

Hello Phillip,

timerShutdown_001.jpg not working to me, gives me a Type mismatch error.

Sample file:
Could you help me?


Check your TimerShutDown_Action method. It must have a delegate

Sender as Timer

And the error message (truncated) at the bottom of the IDE is saying something else is there.

Thank you Michel,
Now timerShutdown_002 is working, see link: