Internal Sensors

Does anyone have any code/declares etc to read the internal temp sensors of the Mac?
CPU… GPU… etc… as well as Fan Speeds

too bad it won’t even compile in Xcode… but thanks anyways

This is an older Project using commandline version of Temperaturemonitor
(command line version is included)
but only CPU and GPU

@Dave S : Which error are you getting ? I have none on my laptop.
Full disclosure : I’m the dev.
Moreover, PFSystemKit won’t really help you in getting fan speed, or temps. You should use :
In Swift SMCKit by @beltex
In ObjC SMCWrapper by Fergus Morrow and myself

Sorry… have moved on, don’t have time to go back…
I simply loaded it from the indicated web location… and Xcode spit out 1/2 dozen errors about incompatible data types etc.

[quote=210796:@Dave S]Sorry… have moved on, don’t have time to go back…
I simply loaded it from the indicated web location… and Xcode spit out 1/2 dozen errors about incompatible data types etc.[/quote]

Is it just me… not a single Xcode project that I have every downloaded from the web has ever compiled.

The SMCKit mentioned above has almost 100 errors, almost as if nobody bothered to test the code to start with, either that or it was written in Swift 0.01

The only time I tried to run a Swift Github project, I had the most unpleasant experience with an author who had me know that the question I asked was not worthy of a reply, and that I should learn before bothering serious authors.

Seems in the enchanted world of Swift developers, as well as Apple Dev forums, the spirit of Stack Overflow runs high. Anytime I asked a question in Apple Dev forums, especially when the matter was a bit off standard, like installing fonts on an iOS device, there was simply no reply. I found much better answers using my own brain and a bit of reverse engineering.

IMHO XCode is free, but service is cheap. And community inexistent. All the reason why I will stick to Xojo.

Maybe not all authors are that obnoxious, and Perceval’s effort shows commendable good will.

I cannot even get “RUN” to activate… it seems to be multi-platform, but I find no way to execute if for ANY platform

I tend to agree… StackOverFlow is more about ego than the spreading of Knowledge… more “Ha Ha… I Know the answer, but screw you if I’m going to waste my time with you”. (meaning, Heck I don’t know either, but I’m going to be a pompous ■■■ so you think I’m smarter than you).

And those that DO provide some level of an answer, usually leave out (ie. assume) a bunch of stuff (like… Imports… etc), the answer without a context to make it meaningful.

None of this I understand, as I am the type that if I DO know something you don’t, and I can explain it to you, and I can help you understand it, then perhaps in the future you might either have something I need, or will pay if forward to someone where the circle of knowledge will become complete…

@Dave S : I have more or less the same experience with Swift, but it’s because the language is still evolving quickly (it’ll settle at Swift 2, so very soon). I believe SMCKit has a branch for Swift 2 support already, so if you’re using Xcode beta, use this branch. Or, if you’re using an outdated Xcode, then update. (That’s really the problem with Swift - breaks too much. But as I said, it’ll be over soon).
You say you cannot even get run to activate : try clicking the little bar just right of the big black stop button (a square). It should be written “PFSystemKit-ios” in it. Click, and select the OS X version > My Mac. Then it oughts to be OK (I’m still working on iOS, have some double symbols problems right now).
Moreover, you said you didn’t have time to go back. If, at any time, you do go back and retry, just open an issue on GitHub with all the errors, it’ll help us all.

Best regards,