internal registry with treeview????


i want to make a treeview with one checkbox before the node element, and more (maybe 4-5) after the node element, alligned to the right of the treeview.
i found einhugur’s treeview control. i saw that there is a checkboxnode class, and a customnode class. i’m lloking for a modified combination of these two.

a checkbox before the node element, and more nice looking checkbox-like design elements after the node element.

it is important for me this structure, because i want to make registry of our orders at my job.
we have multiple stages of an order, and i need to see anytime, which order in which stage it is.
that’s why i need more checkboxes after the node.
into an order there are multiple types of product lines, and I need to see all the stages of all product line.
if every product line is finished, i need to check the base node-s checkbox, and that’s how i know if the order is ready.

i found the treeview will fullfill my needs, but it looks like it is way to difficult to do it.
maybe i should make it with classic listbox?

any suggestions will be appreciated.

Do you need all of these checkboxes to be interactive? Or are they just indicators in this view?

I’ve used the custom nodes in Einhugur’s Treegrid to paint checkboxes because I’ve needed a different logic with the selection of the checkboxes. Screenshot see here:

There is also a new node type in the works aimed at targeting problems like Beatrix has presented in the past. Its still on the drawing board so would for now do something like Beatrix showed if wanting to go this way.

I expect the new node would be something where you could decide for each cell its type, to begin with then offering at least Text and Checkbox, and maybe popup down the road.

It will be done as new node type rather than changing one of the existing ones since such dynamic always has cost of speed and or memory. Of course custom rendering tricks like Beatrix does also costs so for those who really need it then it should be win win.


thanks for the replies.

yes, I need the checkboxes to be intreactive, the user sshould check the boxes if the product finished a process in the line.

Beatrix’s solution looks great. I only would need to put more checkboxes before and after the node-element.
Can you give me some guidance how did you achieve this?

I will have maximum 40-70 node-elements, so I think it won’t be a huge problem the resource cost.
I tried to build a custom class, but I don’t have so much experience to be able to finish it without guidance.

@Arnold: I’ll search my code for what I can share. Please contact me at: .


Beatrix: I’ve sent you an email.
Have you received it?

Will check in the afternoon.