Internal link in web programming

Hello everyone

I need your comments to guide me to develop the following:
I am a beginner in web programming

I have in mind to make a web application that contains a main window (webpage) and it contains 2 sections:
one section on the left (section 1) and the other on the right (section 2).
In the section on the left, contains a list of internal links and the result of clicking on each link in the section
I need them to show in section 2

With what object should I design each section? With a new web page for each section or another object?

I need to make internal links for each option displayed in section 1
In Html section 1 would have the code more or less like this:

File upload

The result of clicking on each link in section 1, should be shown in section 2

Endless thanks for the attention to the present, any comment will be much appreciated

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Raul Juarez Pulache

He could. Just use an HTMLViewer on the right.

One Webpage, Links or dynamically created container on the left and one HTMLSViewer on the right…

WebContainer. I wouldn’t use links to an external html page. Keep everything within your app for maximum integration.

Thank you so much
Greg O’Lone
Marius Dieter Noetzel
Tim Hare

I need to make an additional comment, maybe you can not explain it well
In section 1, I need to have a main Menu displayed vertically and in Section 2 (with the same width and length dimension for all the contents of all vertical menu options)

Vertical Menu:

File Upload

If I click on Presentation, it will be shown in Section 2: Welcome greetings text, contact email address, contact phones, social networks and others
If I click on File Upload, it will be shown in Section 2: text where the path is requested and the name of the file where the file is to be sent and a button that when clicking click can select a file to send

and so for the other options

Only the HTML I put it as a reference, as a comment, but not to use it in Xojo web



So you don’t want to use external HTML-Sites? OK.
Use some static links on the left, and container controls for each “function” on the right. The container is like a webpage but it is shown as a part of your page.
With your links you change from one container to another.

Thank you so much
Marius Dieter Noetzel

I understand perfectly and this gives me the answer to my question

A hug