Interface problem!!

I present the following problem with my app interface.
In the next picture you can see that there are controls shown on each other, yet these are written in your property visible = false, but only occurs when the app loses focus.

What causes this problem and what can be done?

thanks for the help

Try the PagePanes Control to avoid the overlapping controls. Guess this will help a lot and you don’t have to hassle with visible true/false.

PagePanel …

I’m using pagepanels.
in a panel and I have several ContainerControl is where the problem presents.

So it looks fine when the app has focus but then looks like that when it loses focus?

yes, when the app loses focus presents me the problem.
I am working well, suddenly I click on the desktop and I realized that it does.

That’s very interesting. What platform are you on? Do you have any code in the deactivate event of the app?

I do not have any event of deactivation in the app.
Platform: Mac OS X 10.8.5

I’m unable to duplicate this on Mac OSX 10.7.5 with a quick test including ContainerControls and a page panel. Can you try and duplicate it in a small project and attach that? (You might be able to find the issue in the process of trimming down the project too.)

Are you embedding them in code? If so, are you using EmbedWithinPanel?

I’m not using EmbedWithinPanel.

You probably should.

using EmbedWithinPanel the problem persists

I think I have seen this before. I found that the issue was that the controls that show up where they should not were inside a container control. I found that by looking at the container control itself I found that the offending items were not actually placed within the container so that the container control red ‘parent’ outline was shown. This had happened after I had resized a control and it had ‘slipped’ from its original position.

The solution was to check each item by clicking on it and ensuring it was within the container control bounds. A simple move of the control a pixel or two is enough.