Interesting replacement for SQLITE: Increase concurrent access without code change

Hi all,

Has anyone tried to replace SQLITE by Berkeley DB? Berkeley is fully compatible with SQLITE. No code or request to modify.

It’s the same code in Xojo, but the database is not fully locked during a write. Berkeley DB locked only pages of data concerned, not the entire database. This allows multiple threads to concurrently write to the database. As in a client-server database, but retaining a database self-contained, simple, serverless. And I guess we can use at the same time NoSQL capabilities of Berkeley DB.

If SQLITE is used by a small business, and needs increase over time, Berkeley DB allows to increase the load without changing code.

Pity that it is so expensive! But it’s free for open-source projects and intra-company applications.

I do not think that it can be used in the plugin’s christian, but I have not tried.

even if it seems to works, I stay with sqlite for local 1 user database
for remote multi user I use postgres
and I made an always-with-some-more-methods-to-add app that copies as I need an sqlite db to a postgres with the datas…
and my db access in xojo can connect to both databases only with selection the location of the database …