Interesting issue with Controls with the latest release

I encountered a nasty issue, which I can’t reproduce any longer, but it was there and I faced it a couple of times already.

I have quite a big Web 2 app. I created a new webpage with a web dialog. Into this web dialog I copied 4 WebDatePickers from another dialog in this app. So far so good. I’m populating in the opening event each of these WebDatePickers with starting dates. They all look the same in the inspector. But the first one is showing the date in “us_US locale”, the others in “de_DE” (what they all should). I’m playing around a bit, but nothing really changes, I’m puzzled and about to raise an FC.

For my FC I want to build a test binary. I’m creating a new Webpage, I’m adding a webdialog, I’m adding 4 WebDatePickers, I’m pre-populating the SelectedData-values in the opening event, and guess what? It is working!

In my huge WebApp I’m now deleting my webpage and my web dialog, and I’m building it up from scratch, and guess what? It works!

It actually seems that copying controls from existing webpages can cause issues. Something else comes to my mind: This project ran through all the testing versions as well. Can it be that controls that got updated during the testing cycles need to get re-created, as otherwise, they might not reflect all the changes? @Greg_O_Lone

I can’t think of any reason why they would, but it seems like you have your answer. We did fix a localization issue in the date picker in 2020r2.

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Neither do I (how could I, if even you don’t have an idea :wink: ). I’ll observe it further. It fits somehow to the general observation others had as well (I think @Tim_Parnell for instance) that some controls, sometimes are losing their settings. The issue is to reproduce it and further more to notice it. Usually I think that I made a mistake and I just quickly correct it, but if it the same behaviour appears again a few hours or days later, that’s when you get suspicious. I’ll keep you posted. Perhaps we are lucky and others will notice the same issue.

The only thing I have in mind: the control I copied was within a rectangle WebRectangleObject in the webpage I copied and pasted it from. I had open a FC on embedded controls, which is fixed, but I believe not yet rolled-out.

It’s important to remember that control instances placed on a layout have their IDE editable properties’ default values copied when they are dragged out to the layout, so it is possible that if the first control was created before the fix and the other three were after, that it could be the issue. But as I said, I can’t think of a property that would cause such a thing off the top of my head.

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yes, I agree, it is weird. Anyways, solved now by doing it manually :wink:

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