Interesting ARM possible Acquisition

Hmmm… if indeed Nvidia acquires ARM… could be bad news for Apple (and other using ARM).
I’ll bet Apple is holding his breath for this.

  1. Apple had ARM shares thirty years ago (around 1990-1995).

  2. They’d better buy it for themselves when on sale (month ago) at first, if this is critical to them.

I suppose this is not critical to them.

AFAI Understand, the ARM company draw CPUs and sold them to anyone who want to use them. I think Apple’s experience is strong enough to eventually do the whole work by themselves now.

Apple has a lifetime license to use the ARM ISA, as they were one of the founders of ARM.

Funny enough the first ARM chip Apple used was the StrongARM… made by Intel.


That’s correct. Apple has nothing to be concerned about if Nvidia acquires ARM. They only license the instruction set, and it’s a lifetime license.

The processors in iOS and M1 devices are custom silicon that Apple designs themselves; and the manufacturing is outsourced to TSMC.