Interest for UK Xojo event in November 2017?

Morning Christian, I can’t remember if I completed the survey. Can you let me know. Would be good to be able to attend.

You are on the list already. Thanks.

Looks like we take 10th November. Just awaiting confirmation from hotel.

Next steps. I made website:

and now I need the people who volunteered to speak to confirm and provide session descriptions.

We got a room allocation:

For our conference we blocked rooms:

  • Club Rooms at £82.00 per room
  • Classic Double Rooms at £92.00 per room
  • Executive Double Rooms at £99.00 per room
  • Superior Double Rooms at £109.00 per room

Rates are inclusive of VAT and parking.

Full English Breakfast is £11.95 or £9.95 if booked in advance.

Rooms have air conditioning, plasma television, hospitality tray, direct dial telephone, free wi-fi access and well appointed bathroom.

Guests should call Reservations department on 0844 567 8950 or +44 208 546 1044 to reserve their room, quoting ‘XOJO’, in order to obtain the preferential rates.

The allocation will expire on the 10th of October 2017, at which time all rooms not reserved will be automatically released back to the hotel without charge, and the preferential rates will no longer be applicable.

Please note there are three upcoming Xojo conferences:

  1. Conference & Training in London, England: 10th November 2017 with maybe 30 people. Website
  2. Conference in Denver, Colorado: 25th to 27th April 2018 with maybe 120 people. Website
  3. Conference in Munich, Bavaria: 6th to 7th September 2018 with maybe 60 people. Website

I personally will visit all of them and maybe you can do, too?

@Christian Schmitz is a world traveling beast. He is at every Xojo conference and is a very knowledgable person.

Thanks for your support of the community!

@scott boss You are welcome to join the three conference above, too :slight_smile:

OK, 99,2% chance (and rising) of a London weekend :slight_smile:

Great. Love to see you there!

Don’t forget to also check dates for Denver and Munich next year.

Denver will be a stretch - I’ll spend the first two weeks of February in LA and go back in April… hmm…
München in September is almost certain.

Well, some people travel a lot. I may be in Canada in February, and an in USA in April and July.