Intel's first commercial chip

A 4-bit 740kHz processor.

Puts in perspective how much tec evolved, now being able to buy a 64-bit 3,670,016kHz (3.5GHz) multi-core CPU from the computer store around your corner.

That’s Moore’s law in action for you.

Would love to see pricetags of both.

Don’t know about the above 4-bit processor… but around 1975 an 4mhz 8-Bit Z80 was around $600
the 4004 was the 4bit version of the 8008? which evolved to be the 8080 then the Z80

update : the 4004 was released in 1971 at a cost of $60.00

the Z80 dropped in price soon after, but I recall building an IMSAI computer and that was the cost, although I can’t find anything on the internet that mentions price that far back… today you can get them for less than $10

moores “law” had to do with density - not speed or much else

and it has slowed a bit recently

[quote=244870:@Norman Palardy]moores “law” had to do with density - not speed or much else

and it has slowed a bit recently[/quote]
to a certain point speed was directly affected by density, as the internal components grew smaller and closer together, that latency decreased, and as a direct result the speed increased. Now that is not the only thing that affected speed of course, but it was a contributing factor. Current technology has pretty much reached maximum density (for the time being), hence that lack of quantum leaps we saw in the past. But come the next break thru, speeds will take than leap once again.