Intel NUC

I’m thinking about buying an Intel Celeron NUC (those tiny cool PCs) which I would like to run headless with Ubuntu. Do you think it’ll have enough grunt to run a Xojo web app and a couple of Xojo console apps? It’ll be used for home automation. Was thinking about 4GB of RAM.

867 Mhz celeron ?
It might be pushing the low end - however Linux runs a tad more efficiently than Windows so it might.
And a server is a GUI less console app so it might be OK - not stellar (celerons were never high performance CPU’s - just inexpensive)
Something running a Core 2 Duo, i3 or i5 would be better but is also more $

Actually… they do make a Intel NUC that is an I5 (

I thought about getting one myself when my 2007 mini dies.

Yeah the NUC’s come in a wide variety of configs
There’s rumors of an i7 one but I can hardly find i5 based ones here in canada - the i3 and celerons are widely available

Personally I’d go buy another mini as the NUCs aren’t vastly more powerful or cheaper when outfitted
A comparable i5 NUC with linux is about $50 less than the low end mini (at most)

I may take the plunge for the Celeron and report back how Xojo apps fare. I have plenty of more powerful machines but I have a commercial project in mind and am looking to see “how long can I go” will hardware specs and still get adequate performance with Xojo.

For what it’s worth, I know someone who’s running a Xojo app on a Windows 8 tablet, and it runs just fine. Keep in mind that success depends greatly on what your app is trying to do. In this case, it is simply a database frontend.