Integration with SSRS

Hi there - has anyone built a webapp that integrates with SSRS? I’m looking to build a really simple web app that has a menu bar at the top. Each menu item runs an SSRS report below.

What is SSRS?

Would that be SQL Server Reporting Services as found in Windows Server ?

Reports are not exactly my pet subject, so I could not help, but this may :

Michel’s correct, it’s SQL Server Reporting Services.

Thanks Michel. I have about 100 SSRS reports built out and accessible through Microsoft’s (terrible) “reporting server”, but we want it to be presented in a more user friendly way. I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks again,

@Taylor Bond : did you ever have any luck with this? I’ve been looking at the SSRS PHP samples from here:

Those examples seem to work fine (after decoding the Microsoftese documentation). But if someone has already done the legwork to replicate this in Xojo, I will gladly pay him Tuesday for a hamburger today.