integer defaults to int64 on 64 bit compile

Just thought I’d share my experience.
I am returning to Xojo from a few years ago. I have an SNMP app on my Mac that I needed to update to 64bit.
I had been using the PBSW-SNMP classes, that has worked flawlessly for years. When I recompiled the code into a 64bit app (aside from updating some of the language changes etc) I had an issue setting an OID that was an integer type.

After the usual amount of hours fault finding, I found out that using Integer seemed to default to Int64.
I went through all the methods in the PBSW classes and changed Integer to Int32, and my little app once again works flawlessly.

Thought I’d document it here incase someone else has a similar issue.

It’s mentioned in the documentation. :wink:

The default value is 0. Generally you will use the Integer data type (equivalent to Int32 on 32-bit apps or Int64 on 64-bit apps)[/quote]

Oops, If all else fails, read the manual I guess :slight_smile:

For those moving older apps up to 64-bit you might also want to review the 64-bit Guidelines.