Installing Windows compiled app

Now I have a a test app compiled for Windows, can I install it manually or do I have to create an installer?

The compiler has produced one .exe file and eight .llb files in a folder alongside. The .exe file executes OK on the Windows 10 machine I used to compile it, but when I drag the file and the folder of .llb files to a Windows 7 machine and try to run it, I get the message:

“This program can’t start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer”

This is not one of the eight .dll files in the folder produced by the compiler.

There are other posts on this topic, look up INNO Setup. Pretty easy to use and is free.

See the WindowsUniveralRuntime pdf in the documentation folder.

Well I have had a look at those and although I know I shall have to sort out an installer at some stage, what I want to do at the moment is just to test the compiled app on a machine not running Xojo. Alseo I noticed in the conversations about INNO that Michel Bujardet commented that a comipled Xojo app should run wherever it happens to be on a machine, so I’m puzzled as to whay I’m getting the error message I referred to.

Take ALL those DLL’s and put them NEXT TO the executable

Look under …\Extras\Windows Runtime\Files you can fine the runtimes there if you want to include them manually. See the WindowsUniveralRuntime pdf for more details, you put them along side your app. Most machines have them already, but you can always include them manually and it should run.

Thank you for those comments. I’m not at my desk at the moment but reading up on my iPad, it looks as though the first thing I have to do is to supply the Windows Universal Runtime C++ to Windows 7 along with the .llb files. Ploughing through the Inno Setup site, it looks as though I can put the .llb files wherever I want if I use Inno, so I’ll try that first. Frustrating day. Hope to get back to straightforward Xojo tomorrow.

I would just run the vc redistributable exe that there is so it puts them in the System
IF you put them “where ever you want” then they WONT get updates as MS releases them
If you use the VC redist installer they will

OK thanks, I think it will be clearer to me after I try an Inno installation, but I understand your point.

I’ve been thinking about this Inno installation concept. I can see it could be quite tidy if you didn’t create any files or folders after installing your app, since your uninstall would remove all the files and folders you installed. But what if your app creates folders and files as part of its function? Would Windows stop you doing that or confine you to creating files and folders in previously created folders? If not, then presumably an uninstall would leave your subsequent file structure with “abandoned” data on disk.

INNO can remove files and folders as well, set that in the Uninstall section. See the Private Message I sent you earlier today.

Not if the application is on the Desktop (WIndows 8.1, never checked on Windows 10).