Installing Created Programs

I was curious as to what tools you guys use to make a friendly installation user interface for your software. I know that there are some packages that you can purchase online that make this very simple, but all of the websites I visit that advertise this look sleazy and cheap.

I need some recommendations! Thanks guys!

What platforms?

Windows. Should have been more specific. Thank you.

Also for reference purposes, one for Mac would also rock.

I think both InnoSetup (for setup.exe) and Advanced Installer (for MSI) work well with Xojo apps.

(I moved this to the Windows channel.)

I looked into InnoSetup, but their webpage discouraged me due to the scummy look to it. (Don’t judge a book by it’s cover… I know…)

InnoSetup is worth its weight in gold. Just use it.

Rock on Garth. Will do.

Well you could use the wix tools to do this kind of thing. It is becoming popular with a lot of Visual Studio developers, but the learning curve is steep once you go past the basics.

The gear wheel in the image does rotate by the way.

Hey, I’m Garth. =)

Inno Setup may be the best program in the history of mankind. It’s THAT good. (Good doesn’t mean be able to do everything. Good means it does what it does simply and well.)