Installation fails, help needed


on a Linux-based (32 bit) virtual server, I was trying to install a small app (it shows a message and a button - just for testing). Unfortunately, this fails regardless which deployment method I chose. leads to the message “Unable to launch application “MeinProgramm” on port 80”. Other ports are also not working.

Trying to start the software from the command line gives me the error “Segmentation fault”.

The support of my webhoster is trying to help, but they have no experience with RS/Xojo and are unable to track down the problem.

Any help is highly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Libs folder and config file uploaded? :slight_smile:

Oh, you should change port 80 to something else that is not used by another service as port 80 is most likely used by the web server.
You do that in config.cfg

@Albin: Sure, all files and folders (including .htaccess) are there and have been uploaded in binary mode.

The CGI version was changed to a different port (in fact to “let the software decide”), but it came up with the same error. So I changed it manually back to port 80.

Webhosting support is still investigating (the longer it takes the more I believe that they won’t be successful).

By the way, maybe it helps to post more about the server the software is on: The welcome message is “Linux vserver123 2.6.32-5-openvz-amd64 #1 SMP Mon Jan 16 17:49:19 UTC 2012 i686”

So, I got the reply from the webhosting support:

They were able to reproduce the “segmentation faults” message, but believe that this is a compiler error. The software crashes even before it loads data into memory.

Any idea ? Have I missed something in settings during compiling the app ?

Make sure you are uploading the right version. You will get seg faults if you try to run an OS X version on Linux, for instance.

@Greg: No, it’s the Linux version. Still the same result. :frowning:

What does “segmentation fault” exactly mean, any idea where to look at ?

It’s a crash

I still don’t think your app should use port 80. It’s already being used by the web server :slight_smile:
(even if it does not fix your current issue)

The port you use does not need to be open in the firewall, it’s only used on the server for the CGI <> App connection.

What is the exact OS you’re on and are you positive that it’s 32 bit and not 64 bit? Most web hosts I’ve looked at are using a 64 bit distributions of some sort.

Tobias, double-check Bob’s suggestion and the other requirements for Xojo linux apps.
x86-based Linux
GTK+ 2.20

I’ll check the requirements again with my webhoster, so please be patient till Monday.

@Bob: The host system is 64 bit, the virtual servers running on are 32 bit systems. But I’ll check this, too.

@Norman: A crash… really ? :wink:

@Albin: Sorry for the delay. My hoster’s support department checked the requirements again, which are all met.

So where can I start looking for a solution ? I searched for the “Segmentation fault” error, but found that it can mean anything or nothing. May it possible that there is not enough virtual RAM available ?


SSH into the server, and launch it with strace:

strace ./Myapp --port=3000

Somewhere around where the output stops may give a clue as to what’s not working :-).

Hi Brad, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I was busy the last days.

I’ll give it a try and let you know. It seems that there is more trouble with the server I’m currently working on. I’ll keep you up to date.