Inspector Redraw

I’m finding the IDE is quite slow when working in the layout editor changing controls. The inspector redraws twice for each change.

2017R2.1 on Win ? or beta ?
Working with 2017R2.1 Win IDE most of the time now. Annoyances because of the speed of the code editor, but I don’t see this. R2016R3 is faster in coding, but sometimes slow while dragging controls, which I think is improved in 2017R2.x
Looking forward to the new 64 bit beta to come.

I’m seeing this on 2.0, 2.1 & prerelease (although can’t mention that here). Updated my drivers this morning & things seem faster, but the above was recorded after the update.

2015r1 / El Capitan / MBP13" Retina i3:

I moved a Listbox (yesterday) using shift-right-arrow-key and saw tons of IDE WIndow Manager refresh.

I never saw that with Xojo.

I think I never do that either. Usually (nearly every time), when I have to put a Control out of a Window, I move it using the Mouse.
I do not know why I’ve done that that way.

@Wayne Golding and all folks interested - as I was screenpainting today with 2017R2.1 on Win10, I can confirm that the inspector has been behaving better in previous versions. You told me it’s also been seen in the latest beta, which I am not aloud to use anymore.
Don’t see this disappointing performance while using 2016R3. Same computer, settings, project and everything.
Look here for the recording.