Inspector Behavior

I seem to be locked-out of editing my own project.
I cannot change things through the Inspector.
Did I inadvertently lock something somewhere?
For ex.: I’m trying to change the font and font size for a TextArea, I can make the change but as soon as I go to another object and come back to the TextArea, the change I made has reverted to the previous value.

I have forgotten to mention that I cannot even edit my own Code.

When you make the changes in the Inspector, you must hit before leaving the area. Clicking in another box does not set the changes. This is an oft maligned change in Xojo which will hopefully be fixed later.
As far as not editing your own code, what is the behavior you see. Have you tried restarting Xojo?

Finally after many Xojo restarts and even a couple of reboots, I finally was able to get back into it, after a good 45 minutes of trying. I don’t know what is happening.
In the code area, I just could not do anything.
It happens also quite often after I have just run the project, where I have to restart Xojo if I want to make some changes.

That doesn’t sound right at all and must be very annoying. I would contact Xojo support and see if they have any answers for you.

Thank you for your answers