Inspector Behavior not working correct?

I have a class myWindow with Super class of type Window. It has a property MyID As string. In the Inspector Behavior the box of the property is checked.

Now I created a window and have set it’s Super class to myWindow. The property MyID does not appear in the Inspector! Even tried to check the Inspector Behavior of my window and curiously the box of the property is checked there but it does NOT appear in the inspector.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

I know Inspect Behavior works with controls, but I’ve never tried it with a Window like that. I don’t’ know if it ever worked with a Window.

I just went back and tried using Real Studio and it doesn’t seem to do anything there either. Worth a feature request if it is important to you.

The behavior inspector only works for items that can be placed ON a window, not windows themselves.