Insert ToolButton

I get how to add a ToolButton (in code) … Me.Append(etc.
… which add’s it to the end of the existing buttons in the toolbar.

But if you have some buttons already in place on the toolbar, is there a way to insert a button amongst them (in code), instead of just appending it to the end?

No, I think you have to rebuilt the toolbar from scratch. Or have a duplicate ready you can pop in its place.

Related to Toolbar (not to the question):

or direct access:

Someone knows links to similar documents for the other OSes ?

At last, I found what I was searching (Apple Programmer’s Book for ToolBars !):

Enjoy it,



I just read the entry, not the chapter, but the chapter title is promising:

Why so complicated:

dim OpenButton as New ToolButton OpenButton.Style=ToolButton.ToolStylePushButton OpenButton.Caption="Open" OpenButton.Name="TIOpen" OpenButton.Icon = open OpenButton.Enabled = true //add to the toolbar Me.Insert 3, OpenButton

I can’t believe I missed that in the help.