Insert PDF's, Word.doc and MP4 into xojo desktop app

Hello all gurus,
I just bought this xojo yesterday so I hope I am forgiven for asking those questions. I tried to find the answers, but I am under a time pressure.
I need to put a few very short mp4’s, some instructional text and a number for PDF’s into this app.

Many years ago, I did make some apps with runrev revolution, since then Nothing, so I am green.
Any help is really appreciated.

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Are you saying that you want to ship these files with your app so that your app can open them in their respective readers/players on the user’s computer?

Or, do you want to display/play these files directly within your desktop app?

See attached demo to get you started loading & viewing MP4 Videos and PDFs. I included a little bonus - the Introduction to Xojo Programming from Xojo: Learn Xojo Programming (you may find other resources there as well). The attached demo will show you the basics of how to work with FolderItems (files/directories) and get started with MoviePlayer and HTMLViewer.

Let the community know if you need any help as you code along!

Thank you for the SUPER QUICK reply. It can be either, whichever is easiest, but I’d prefer to display/play those files within my desk top app.
I am actually putting all those files into an HTML app. and so far, that seems to work, but REALLY I want to use Xojo to do the job, since I paid for it ::wink:
Thanks again.

You are a Champion, Mathew. Thank you so much.
I shall finish my present job and check it out soon. Thanks again and best regards, Frank.

I am brand new to Xojo and this is a very useful demo.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Matt, I think I got lost somewhere in the use of the forum… Where is the demo attachment? I am looking for the exact same thing. Thanks.