Insert MSSQL Server Database


i am trying to insert an MSSQL Database menu - > Insert - > MSSQL Server
but, there is an error it says that it cant conect to database.

Maybe it cannot connect to the database. Verify your connection information. Note that you can only connect to MSSQL Server on Windows.

You might also have better luck connecting in code (which is what I typically recommend) by directly using the MSSQLServerDatabase class.

Thank you!

would i be able to connect to MSSQL using code on my Mac to the MSQLServer on Windows??

No, not using the MS SQL Server plugin, which only works in Windows builds. I’m not aware of a good way to connect to MS SQL Server from OS X. Perhaps ODBC would work if you can find an OS X driver. Or JDBC with the MBS plugins and an OS X driver.


OK, I can´t to connect to MSSQLSERVER by code on my MAC, wich do you recommend ODB or JDBC?

Thank You!