INSERT image to MySQL problem

Hi folks. I’m using 2019r1 (no $$ to update Xojo)
I’m hoping this is just a quotes issue. I’ve got an INSERT statement to add an entry into my “props” table, which includes an image. Everything works fine, except that images on the database aren’t valid. IE: they have sizes in bytes, not kilobytes.
I’ve been trying to escape the needed quotes in the LOAD portion, but keep getting the same results.
The required MySQL format seems to be:


But since that also needs to be enclosed in ’ ’ I’m baffled.
Here’s my INSERT statement: (all data comes from textfields)

"INSERT into props (cat, subcat, name, icon, price, stock, discont) VALUES ('"+addprop_cat_main.Text+"', '"+addprop_cat_sub.Text+"', '"+propname.Text+"', 'LOAD_FILE("+iconpath.Text+")', '"+price.Text+"', '"+stock.Text+"', '"+newdiscont.Text+"')"

What am I not seeing? (FYI, I used to be able to do this stuff standing on my face…I’m getting old)

So it’s not a quotes issue. Upon further investigation, in order for the MySQL LOAD_FILE function to work, the image you want to store in the database has to already reside on the server that is running MySQL. Seems rather redundant. The odd thing is that I wrote an html form with php data processing to accomplish this task, and that works perfectly. So now I just load that html form into an HTMLViewer, and it’s all good to go. There are other criteria for using LOAD_FILE, but I already met all those from the start. SHEESH, what a run-around.