Insert empty space in DynaPDF?

I am using the code below to insert a line of text, with the contents of a listbox displayed underneath:
Anyone know how I insert an empty line between them? At the moment, the Hello World line of text is almost touching the listbox contents.

[code]call pdf.SetFont(“Arial”, pdf.kfsRegular, 20.0, true, pdf.kcp1252)
call pdf.WriteFText(pdf.ktaCenter, “Hello World”)

DrawListbox pdf, myListbox, 50, 50, pdf.GetPageWidth-100[/code]

Thank you all in advance.

Well, first I would use DynaPDFTableMBS class to make tables, not the old example code with DrawListbox.

Second, you can change coordinates.
For WriteFText you normally call SetTextRect before to define area.

Are there any examples of how to do both of your suggestions?
Thanks Christian.

We have several examples with table class.
and “Letter with writeftext.rbp” shows how to use WriteFText.