Input Mask

How do I make an Input Mask (like a Telephone ###-###-####) to work in the Web Development Tools of Xojo
It seems it is only available for the Desktop and Not the Web
Please advise
Thank you

Nothing built into Xojo AFAIK. I think you’ll have to look at 3rd party solutions to see what they have.

There are certain fields that HTML 5 friendly browsers have the option of respecting.
Email, Number, Phone Number to name a few. You cannot rely on the browser limiting the content of these fields yet, as older browsers are still out there. However, there are built in Xojo fields that offer these.
If you’re specifically looking for phone number, drag in a Telephone field.

Other than that, Bob is right, you would need a custom control.

It works with the Xojo for Desktop but NOT for the Web - Why is that ?
I would imagine it would be same functionality

I dragged the Telephone Field
But I don’t see any difference between that and a basic text field
Is it supposed to do something different ?

Completely separate user interface frameworks. Desktop uses (mostly) native controls for Mac/Win/Linux. Web works in a browser and the controls they use just aren’t as sophisticated as desktop. Plus, you have to keep in mind that most of the stuff you see in the xojo web apps simply pushes the events to the server, something happens (or not), and pushes any results back down to the browser.

There might be some javascript magic you could do with web controls to accomplish but it’s way beyond my knowledge.

Like I said, it varies from browser to browser.

There is, however it’s not the most efficient JavaScript ever written. I would definitely recommend using HTML5 input types whenever possible.