Inno Setup and a file on the Desktop


I would like to include a little file from the desktop to be installed on the user desktop.
My idea was:

Source: {commondesktop}\MyFile.xxxi; DestDir: {userdesktop}; Flags: ignoreversion

I was expecting that {commondesktop} is translated to: D:\Users\\Desktop - as it is defined in our W7 environment.

What could be done?

Best regards


I guess the magic is located within the Tasks section.
it should look like this:

Name: "desktopicon"; Description: "{cm:CreateDesktopIcon}"; GroupDescription: "{cm:AdditionalIcons}"; Flags: unchecked

Name: "{commondesktop}\\{#MyAppName}"; Filename: "{app}\\{#MyAppExeName}"; Tasks: desktopicon

Do you use ISTool? A very handy tool to manipulate the sometimes difficult InnoSetup script. I use it all the time…