Initial WebPage

If I should avoid implicit web page instantiations, how should i show the first web page? At the moment this is defined in the App DefaultWebPage.

I don’t particularly have an issue, just curious.

In Session.Open create an instance of your desired first window and Show() it.

The IDE won’t let me remove the DefaultWebPage in the App properties, so I’m assuming it will always open that first.
I suppose I can close that page in the Session.Open and open the one I want, but it seems a bit clunky.

How do people who don’t use implicit references do it? Or is that one considered an exception? I suppose that the first page is nearly always going to be a login page and can be unloaded upon successful login.

Or have I misunderstood?

Yeah weird. I feel like I’ve done that before but now you can’t.

Yes, it is not clear. We should be able to select “none” in the “DefaultPage” property.

Make a dummy, empty page, and make that your app’s default. In Session.Open, show the page you really need.

Brad - yeah that’s what I was just thinking. Thanks for confirming that (ie confirming that it’s not a disastrous thing to do!)