Inheritance issues

Maybe I am doing something wrong but imo the below code should work.

  • Create a testProperty in View1

  • Put this code in a second iOSView (for example View2)

    dim test() as iOSView test.Append(new view1) test(0).testProperty = "Test" // <- this does not work. Why?

It now seems you cannot access the testProperty

BTW the same code can be put in the View1. Same thing happens.

iOSView is the super for View1 so when you do:

test(0).testProperty = “Test” you get the failure because test(0) is an array of iOSView and NOT view1.


View1(test(0)).testProperty = "Test"

This will cast the super to your subclass. For completeness you might want to do the following:

if test(0) isa View1 then View1(test(0)).testProperty = "Test" end

Hopefully that makes sense.

Yes it does. :slight_smile:
Thank you.