Info regarding 2020r1 Testing

There’s been some speculation about when we will begin the pre-release testing cycle for 2020r1.

We stop making changes about 2 weeks before a conference to make sure everything is in good shape for demos and such. While it was our intention to have a hands-on session at this year’s conference, when we made the decision to cancel due to the pandemic, the sliver lining for us was that we suddenly gained back 2 weeks of engineering time! We are using that time now to get the pre-release version in even better shape than it would have been at the conference.

So while there will not be a pre-release next week, we are rapidly approaching the start of the 2020r1 pre-release testing cycle.

In the mean time, we will soon have videos up on YouTube for everyone (not just conference attendees) covering the topics we had planned to cover at the conference about Web Framework 2.0, Android, API 2.0 for iOS and a few other things we have not yet mentioned. :slight_smile:

We will send an email out once the videos are available.

Those videos will give you plenty to chew on and ask questions about prior to pre-release testing. We are as excited as you are to get to this important milestone with Web Framework 2.0.

Thank you for the update @Geoff Perlman. I think you’ve probably gathered that there is more excitement about this release than there had been for previous ones!

Any idea on timeframe when you say “but not next week” ?

This great news is comforting, we all fans know that this great step to Web 2.0 will be the quantum leap or great step we need to update our developments.

Absolutely fantastic :slight_smile: Thank you for the update! I can’t wait!

Oh I have an idea… :slight_smile:

I walked into that one didn’t I?!

will we see Android from the Xojo 2020r1 version?

Since you’re a member of the Testers group you should go see what is/isnt in the version being tested

This may help:


Maybe in 2020r1.1 :wink:

hahaha, hahaha, ha, ha

Due to ARM Macs, the Roadmap has been durcheinandergewürfelt again. :wink: