[INFO] Print window to PDF

I was reading a report of what Geoff said about Xojo future and found something about Postscript (update, but Graphics only and no Text).

This is not the first case I read something like that in this forum.

I fired an old application from 2015 (generated with Xojo 2015r1), and generated a window contents to a PDF file (a feature of this application).

The window had a ListBox (not printed), a Canvas and two TextAreas (one is the Table of Contents, the second is the data relative to the Canvas).

I had no data handly, so I generated a window from the included help.

The image is 250 x 250 and is a French flag, nothing fancy (it can be a book cover, a Vinyl / CD, Video, whatever).
The texts are printed as vectorial, so searching, copy, etc. are available with a reader, that pdf can also be modified with the appropriate software.

You can download the pdf PDF sample .

Xojo 2015r1
El Capitan

I can check how this works with Windows 10 (I do not recall, so by default, I will say it worked with Windows 8.1 and following versions)…

I used the Windows generated application (same project version as the MacOS one) to generate tis PDF .

The pdf is about Miles Davis “Live in Europe 1969“ (description of the 3 CDs/1 DVD).

I had hard time because I had to “initialize” the printing process on VirtualBox / Windows 10 1909: I never printed using VirtualBox and this MacBook Pro (or never printed from VirtualBox at all ? I do not know).

This to say that printing to PDF from a Xojo generated application keeping text as text (vectorial one my say) is possible.

I nearly forgot: same printing code.