info.plist question

Apple’s docs state that the CFBundleVersion should be 3 digits separated by “.”. When Xojo creates a bundle version in the info.plist they create 5 digits.
My app is MajVers=2, MinVers = 1, BugVers = 1, non-releaseVers = 3
When I check the bundle version after a build I see:

  1. Why 5 digits
  2. Where did that 2nd “2” come from
  3. Am I safe in just changing it to 2.1.1


  1. Because Xojo has their own versioning system, you can see the Xojo IDE version is 5 places.
  2. The second 2 is stage code as a number
  3. Yes*
  • unless you’re submitting to the MAS in which case you need to include a build number in parenthesis. AppWrapper will automatically turn the non-release version into a build number like this: “2.1.1 (3)” This version number is considered okay for the MAS.

Thanks, Tim. But WTF is “stage code”? :slight_smile:

The popup menu between Bug Version and Non Release Version

Of course. Sorry for the simple ?

A couple of things.

  1. In App Wrapper you have a couple of choices, Apple’s recommend method which works as @Tim Parnell describes. Along with a more simple “Trim” option, which just trims it to 3 numbers.
  2. Stage code can be quite useful. App Wrapper can automatically alter your display version number to include “Alpha” or “Beta” (although you’ll get an instant rejection from the Mac App Store), secondly with a simple IDE build script, you can actually change your product based on this value. For example, when this is NOT set to final, my apps automatically add a timeout period of one month, they include far more logging in places I’m actively working on. Then when I’m ready, I switch it to Final and all that goes away.

Interesting info, Sam. Thanks