info.plist question


So I have the application ready and it works but when I am trying to use the application loader to pass the build to the iTunes connect it shows this message:
The Info.plist in the package must contain the CFBundleShortVersionString key.

The Info.plist file has the CFBundleShortVersionString key.

The only thing I do with the info.plist is drag and drop it to the project. Is there anything else I should be doing?

You want to verify the final info.plist in the .app bundle. Also if I remember right, CFBundleShortVersionString should be in the form of x.xx.

Thank you for your answer.
How do I verify the final info.plist in the .app bundle?

Your key will be over written by the IDE

So what should I do for it to not be overwritten?

Right click on the .app, and select “Show package content”. Info.plist is right there.

Thanks! I found the Info.plist in the app and the String for the CFBundleShortVersionString is empty. Also it does not contain anything from my info.plist.

The correct thing to do is to change this .plist? By hand? Programmatically while it is building?

You cannot change it manually. It needs to be signed by Xojo upon build.

Read the link Norman posted for you to see how to do it:

The one time I got this error message was because I had neglected to enter anything in the Short Version field in the Shared section of Build Settings. “1.0” solved the problem. I didn’t have to muck around with the plist.

You cant prevent this
The ide generates certain entries for the PLIST and will always overwrite those that it generates

You COULD postprocess the plist once the build is done
Many people invoke App Wrapper

Or just enter a a value in the IDE as Art noted