Info.plist issue with universal builds


I 'm working on an updated to one of my apps, and did a test build with architecture set to Universal. I ran it and it works as it should. Now, like I have done for x86 builds I go in add to stuff to package contents -> Resources also replace the info.plist with a custom one. On intel builds everything works fine doing this. However with universal builds it will no longer load custom images from documents folder , which in prefs window there is a popup menu that is suppose to populated with the files.

I figured out that with universal builds, if I replace or just alter the info.plist file and run the app it won’t load the files from the doc’s folder. With intel builds I could replace or alter the info.plist and it would work just fine.

Anyway to fix this ?

Have you tried adding your Info.plist to your project folder for the IDE to pickup automatically at build time?

No… I didn’t know about that.

Cool! :grin:


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