info.plist file no longer getting added to application info.plist?

Working on an app in an earlier version of Xojo right now (2013r4.1) so I can use some quick time functions that no longer work in the recent one, but I don’t think thats the problem as I reloaded the project into the latest release of xojo and it keeps doing this.

It used to be that if you dragged a file called “info.plist” into the project then any keys that you added to that file will get transferred to the applications info.plist file upon compilation. In my case there were just 2 keys to say that it was a scriptable application and to link to the scripting dictionary in the resources folder.

All of a sudden thats no longer happening, it’s just copying my info.plist file into the resources folder and not merging it with the one created at compile time.

I did accidentally delete the info.plist item from the project and had to re-add it, that may have been where the problem started. Has anyone else run into this? I have tried removing it and re-adding it to the project a couple times more now to no avail. I can manually put the keys into the plist file of the compiled app of course, but if I have to do that every time I hit run in the IDE for debugging I’m going to be here for a week… :wink:

You could put PlistBuddy entries into a post build script.

Works every time with 2015r4.

I remember at the time I modified the info.plist myself from a build and used a Copy File step.

Until I switched to the method described here

You can also use App Wrapper to modify your plist files, the App Wrapper generated build scripts enable it to work when debugging in the IDE.

Any chance the line endings changed or something in the contents renders it invalid?