[info] ListBox Header (Xojo 2015r1)

Sometimes people ask about the ListBox Header.

I found a screen shot from an “Agenda” (list of names) project IW’ve done years ago with Xojo 2015r1.

These are two ListBoxes; the top one display 26 columns (one column for each characters of the alphabet).
This was done to avoid long (very long) list of names to choose from. The first idea was to put the family names in a PopupMenu or a ComboBox (the later, so a name can be typed and searched…).

When selected, no sort, but the data base show names that start using that letter, the clicked Cell background is set to yellow.

The project was cancelled, so I never knew (tested) if the concept works fine with names that starts with some special characters like Ò, È, Ù, Ñ, etc.

I’ve created this window following the same repetitive answer on this forum: “Use a second ListBox to achieve that…” (color background, center in the ListBox Header).

This can be helpful if the current DesktopListBox does not fit your needs.

Preliminary work for Caritas Alsace (France).