[Info] Bug in Firefox Windows


Just to inform you - and to keep you away from insanity - that there is a bug in Firefox Windows (including the latest v28.0) which may corrupt your WebPages if you use several EmbedWithin in a row.

The symptom is that some images may be displayed in place of some others and vice-versa. It occurs randomly when displaying a page that trigger several EmbedWithin (once displayed, for the purpose of pre-loading containers for instance). Sometimes the page is ok, sometimes it is not (reload/refresh).

This happens only in Firefox Windows. On all other navigators/platforms it is working fine, including on Firefox Mac OS X.

So if you happen to test/debug your Web Applications inside Firefox on Windows and notice messed up pages, don’t panic, try with another navigator first before you loose your hairs trying to figure out the right order of events and EmbedWithin triggering.

The workaround I’ve found so far with Firefox Windows is to… not trying to preload several containers using several calls to EmbedWithin in the same Method.
(you can detect the browser/platform with Session.Platform and Session.Browser)

Hope this (will) help.


I am just about to start playing with EmbedWithin and guess what my test combination is … Firefox on Windows so that will save me hair!!! Thanks