Index property

I’ve probably missed something…

Looking in the docs I don’t see the index property (used in control sets) as a property of the WebTextField. In the IDE it certainly acts like a property.

Should it be in the docs? Is it somewhere else? I don’t see control set in the docs.

(for docs read “language reference”)


I’m not aware of Index being a property for web controls.

More info on web control sets is here:

Well, there are two indexes :

  • TabIndex
  • Control Set Index

The first one does not exist in Web.

The second one works exactly like Desktop.


Yes, Control Set Index. It works exactly like the desktop. I’m using it. Works fine. Etc.

But, when I look in the language reference, I don’t see any sign of it. The link that Paul provided nicely describes how to use control sets. I would expect some sort of reference/see also/for more info in the LR either on the control or the WebControl as appropriate.


Uh… yes they do. For controls that accept tabs, they control the tab order.