Incredibly frustrating


Have something I have no idea how handle this. I have a small Web app that takes a couple parameters and creates a Certificate and emails it out to the recipient.
I had just made some very small tweaks.

What happens is when its launched I get the error failed to connect to Database using password no.

I have put msgbox’s in the function that opens the Database which a password is used. I then put a msgbox in the App Open as the first line. In debug its displays, on the server it doesn’t, just the data base message.

I’m tearing my hair out!

Editing on a Mac and Linux is the web server

Anybody have any suggestions.

On a web app, a message box is displayed when the program completes the method where the message box is called, not at the line where it is called. Your program apparently does not reach the end of the method.

You might want to check how you’re connecting to your database. Do you perhaps have a #If Debugbuild wrapping the connection credentials and the live ones are wrong/missing?

There are only 2 spots that a connection is made, and it’s not hitting them.

Isn’t there a way I can output messages to a log file.

System.Log, but the log location may be different depending on server OS and flavor.

System.DebugLog will get sent to the debugger if you’re testing with it attached.

@Tim Parnell would that be the Apache error log?

How can I set up remote debugging on our web server? That’s the only Idea I have at the moment.

[quote=379659:@Tim Parnell]System.Log, but the log location may be different depending on server OS and flavor.


On Windows, use DebugView to get system.debuglog in Xojo Web.

I develop on Mac with a Linux Web Server?

[quote=379692:@Michel Bujardet]On Windows, use DebugView to get system.debuglog in Xojo Web.[/quote]
On web you can use Print() and the message shows up in Xojos Messages panel :slight_smile:

Whats the Xojo Message Panel, the Panel where errors and searches are? This is on a production server not running in debug mode.

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you, been super swamped this morning. On a Linux server check where the other error logs end up, I’m not entirely certain. @Greg O’Lone might know more.

In general, using MsgBox for debugging isn’t the most reliable. The docs state this:

Yes, the bottom panel where errors show up is the right area. Technically, the Search is the Search Panel, Errors/Warnings is the Warnings Panel, and the DebugLog and any other messages are the Message Panel (from the Documentation). You need to be connected with the debugger to get messages in the Message Panel.

How do you set up remote debugging on the Web Server?

I know that, I want to run the debugger remotely on an installed app on the web server.

You need to copy the appropriate remote debug app from Xojo/Extras and run it on the server. Then in the IDE in options on the Debug tab you add the remote host. Once that is done you Project->Run Remotely and choose the target.

Got it thanks