Incorrect Built-in-Control

When I dd a new bevelbutton to a form and display its properties all I get displayed is the ID and the first two lines of the Position i.e left and top. There is no Appearance or Font ect shown.
The same thing happens if you display a previously working bevelbutton.
As well as this when you look at the form, the bevelbutton controls are displayed with a red cube instead of the icon which was originally assigned to that bevelbutton. If you look at the list of built in controls on the lhs of the form, several of these have a red cube displayed instead of showing the contol icon.
So I would imagine that whatever I have done effects controls other than the bevelbutton.

Just a shot in the dark… do you have enough computer ram installed to run Xojo? If so then when things start acting up on my Mac, a quick restart usually puts things right again.

I am running Window 7 with 2 gig of memory. I have tried restarting the computer and have even re-installed real studio r12r2.

Have you tried with a new project?

2 gig probably isn’t enough, but I doubt that’s the actual problem you are experiencing. Way back in RB2006, I had problems that were solved by bumping from 2 gig to 4 gig of RAM. The IDE has only gotten bigger since then.

It would appear if I re-install real studio r12r2, I can create a new project with bevel button and also access and alter the ones that I have in the project that I have problems with. It looks like once I have saved the project , next time I come to open it or the “new” project that I created that the problem re-occurs.

Have you tried that same saved project on another machine? But agree with others 2 GB on Windows 7 is just going to strain things, no telling how it would affect Xojo.

Yes, the project works fine on my XP machine. I only moved from XP to Windows 7 to get away from the IDE falling over all the time due to the XP memory problem.

It would appear that the problem is caused by the temp folder in appdata/local loosing its permissions.
Once these have been reset all works fine but unfortunately there is something that I run, which I have not identified yet, that turns off them off again.