Including Documents

Working on a project that needs to include some sample documents (some will be PDFs others will be Word files).

Should I simply include them in the program or use an installer to place them in a folder somewhere (I can do this on Windows, but would need some suggestion for an installer with such capabilities for the Mac.)

Thank you.


Use a CopyFiles step to bundle the documents into the resources folder of your app. You can use the TPSF module to get at the resources you need with the classic framework, and the namespaced framework offers a SpecialFolder location for Resources.

This method is more for Mac than it is for Windows, as Windows users like installers. Mac users expect the app to be able to run as soon as they get it. A properly packaged app for Mac works on Windows, but packaging for Windows doesn’t necessarily work on Mac.

But, if these documents aren’t necessary for every installation (like Read Mes or Example Projects), you could also put them next to the app on the disk image for Mac. I’m not sure what the Windows equivalent of that would be.


Thanks for the rapid reply.

I’ll be trying this out this week.