"Include In" option not working?

Hey all,

Just started porting some code from my main app to the Web Client for it I’ve been working on and I want to be able to set the “Include In” flag in the IDE so that certain methods are omitted in the WEB version but I can still share the same module codes between the apps. When I set Include in “web” to No however the project is not dirtied and when I save it the flag is reset to yes.

This looks like an error but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something? I’m assuming this functionality still works with methods and classes that are part of modules.

Should but sounds like a bug report about this behavior is in order

Looks like it’s been marked as fixed 34888. This is a bad one for me.

Last I heard 2014 R3 was set to have iOS… I’ll explicitly stay away from asking about that timeline :wink:
That said it would be nice to know if we can expect a 2014 r2.2 or if there may be a protracted wait until 2014 R3.

No 2.2 - that I can safely say

I’m not expecting any protracted wait for R3
Its already in alphas

Thanks Norman that’s all good news from my perspective … I have to say that despite all the petty arguments that pop-up in the forums, Xojo does a great job of reaching out to the developers and providing helpful feedback and suggestions.

We try.
The occasional brickbats haven’t stopped us from trying our best.

In the mean time, you can fake it by editing the source directly. The bug report has a few workaround examples. Not at all convenient, but it works while we wait for R3.